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Home » ‘We Honor the Christian Tradition’; Tim Allen Defends Christmas Series ‘The Santa Clauses’ After Public Blowback

‘We Honor the Christian Tradition’; Tim Allen Defends Christmas Series ‘The Santa Clauses’ After Public Blowback

Image Credit - Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood star and comedian Tim Allen has never shied away from expressing his conservative leaning viewpoints to the public and after the recent Disney+ release of “The Santa Clauses,” Allen said he is happy how the series honored Christmas and more so, Christianity.

While speaking with Fox News about “The Santa Clause” series, Allen said “We honor the Christian tradition without heralding it. It’s not — it is what it is. It’s a Christian holiday. So, we don’t belabor it, but we don’t ignore it. I love the way we deal with it.”

This new series is different from what Allen is used to as he said it was somewhat challenging to adhere to the unique format of the show’s production being that it was filmed for a streaming service.

“This is a new format for me. I can get my head around it creatively. It’s not a television show. It’s not a movie. It’s what we’ve been forced, challenged to do now is a hybrid. It’s a long movie or a very produced, very creatively elevated television program,” Allen said.

“To get that first episode, get the fourth episode and the sixth episode in my head. I see the beginning, middle, and end as though it’s a six-hour movie. I said, ‘This thing is very, very good,’ and this is early on, and we continue down this path,” Allen continued.

The show has grown to be a hit, but certain dialogue from Allen’s character, Kris Kringle, has received criticism being perceived as an attempt to “vilify” those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

During one of the episodes, Kringle says “saying ‘Merry Christmas to all’ has suddenly become problematic.”

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Filmmaker and movie critic Scott Weinberg wrote, “It just struck me as a truly weird thing to put in a kid’s series. ‘<someone> wants to stop us from saying Merry Christmas!’ is not some random campaign. It’s a low-key effort to vilify anyone who doesn’t celebrate this holiday. In a grown-up movie, I’d just groan and ignore it.”

While there has been controversy surrounding “The Santa Clauses” and some of the dialogue it contains, the series simply celebrates the tradition of Christmas and the “magic” it creates for kids around the world.

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