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‘We’re Gonna Look at Every Single Dollar Spent. We’re Going to Audit It’; Speaker McCarthy on Ukraine Spending

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy pledged that the House Republicans will “look at every single dollar spent” by the Biden administration on Ukraine and “audit it.”

In his latest interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Speaker McCarthy further promised that the GOP-led House will hold hearings to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 virus and ask former NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci to testify.

“Why don’t we know where COVID started? They wouldn’t have any hearings on it. We’re gonna have that. Why shouldn’t we know what happened in Afghanistan those last two months? Thirteen Gold Star families have a right to know, but more importantly, this nation has a right to know so it never happens again. We should know what happened with China and where the money is going. We know the documents are there. I think the country has a right to know that as well,” McCarthy told Hannity on Tuesday.

Speaker McCarthy further vowed to control the U.S. debt to GDP which is at its highest point since WWII.

“You’re not wrong on that. Think for one moment. We cannot – One of the greatest threats we have to our nation is our debt. It makes us weak in every place that we can. We have never been at this high of debt to GDP except during World War II, and what are we funding? Wasteful Washington spending much of the time,” McCarthy said.

“So we think if you had a child and you gave him a credit card and they kept hitting the limit. Do you just increase the limit or do you change their behavior? This is our moment to change the behavior to make sure that hardworking taxpayer, that we’re not wasting their money,” he said.

“You’re gonna tell me there’s not waste out there? We’re gonna look at every single dollar spent. We’re going to audit it. We’re going to make sure we balance our budget and make us stronger,” the speaker added.

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