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Home » ‘What a Disgrace’; Baseball Legend RIPS Biden’s Decision to Bring Home Brittany Griner; Demands Paul Whelan Get Returned

‘What a Disgrace’; Baseball Legend RIPS Biden’s Decision to Bring Home Brittany Griner; Demands Paul Whelan Get Returned

On Thursday, three-time World Series Champ and baseball legend Curt Schilling did not hold back in his criticism of Brittney Griner herself, the mistake of being arrested, and the terrible trade Biden made for her return.

Now a commentator on BlazeTV, Shilling tweeted a scathing criticism of Biden’s trade decision and the American people’s reception to having their favorite WNBA player back. 

“Do leftists know who Paul Whelan is? What a disgrace. Trade a terrorist to get someone returned who hates their country, while the man who SERVED this country rots. Need to know any more about who these people are?”

Marine veteran Paul Whelan has been captive in Russia since December 2018 for espionage charges. The Biden administration reaffirmed their goal of bringing home this service member but decided Griner was the first choice.

Schilling also made media waves months ago as many athletes and media pundits tried to express their support for Griner and her release.

The former pitcher replied to Lebron James’ tweet as he backtracked his criticism of America saying, “I know this may seem like a stretch. But something like 300 million people understand “OBEY THE FUCKING LAW”, why is that such a challenge? And why on earth should she NOT pay the penalty for breaking another country’s laws?” 

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After ten months, Griner has been back in the states and making the media rounds. Griner first appeared back on the basketball court with ESPN where her first act on camera was a dunk.

Cherelle Griner, the wife of Brittany, posted a thank you to her supporters, “I appreciate each and every one of you! Let’s continue to use our hands, voices, platforms, and resources to bring Paul and all Americans home. All families deserve to be whole!”

Schilling is facing his own political controversy in his Hall of Fame case. The World Series MVP has again for the 11th time, failed to reach the HOF based on his political view and his personality rather than his play on the field.

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