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Yikes! Biden Administration Is Looking For The $20 Billion They Sent To Ukraine, Republicans Think It Might Be Lost

On Sunday, the White House and Biden Administrations are attempting to find the $20B in assets they gave to Ukraine in weapons aid to help combat Russia’s annexation of the region.

This report comes after House Republicans are ramping up their threats of investigations into the Ukraine spending budget. The Washington Post reported the US government has inspected about 10% of the 22,000 weapons the US has so far provided Ukraine.

The Biden administration has only coordinated 2 checks of the products and process in the 10 months since the funding started and the new soon-to-be Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is furious.

McCarthy (R-Calif.) has warned the Biden administration that there will be no “blank check” for Ukraine. The GOP has now threatened an incoming audit of the past funds sent and completely cut off all future spending in the region if the funds were mishandled.

In response to America’s economic standing, McCarthy said, “I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine. They just won’t do it. … It’s not a free blank check.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has vowed to “hold our government accountable” for Ukraine spending. Mike Turner, R-Ohio joined in saying “People on the Republican side are saying, ‘Why do we have to pass a $40 billion package to send $8 billion to Ukraine?’”

The continuation of the aid, if it goes to the proper places and through the correct channels, is unilaterally supported across congress.

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“You’d be playing into Putin’s hands,” U.K. Parliament member Tobias Ellwood said, worrying the US will take a step back. “If America pulls back, Putin could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.”

Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo. Is playing defense for the Democrats to the Washington Post saying, “The taxpayers deserve to know that investment is going where it’s intended to go. In any war, there can be missteps and misallocation of supplies.”

‘We’re not playing a mission of perfection here. This is a brutal, large-scale land war — house to house, street to street, trench to trench. There will be things lost,” he said.

“We’re not trying to prevent every single piece from falling into the hands of the Russians, but we want to make sure it’s not happening at a large scale.”

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