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YIKES! Biden Administration UNDER FIRE After Passing Chevron’s Request to Drill Oil in Venezuela Breaking Trump-Era Energy Policy

President Biden and the White House recently signed off an application that permits Chevron to continue drilling for oil in Venezuela, a country whose leader has built a terrible relationship with the United States.

To no surprise Biden’s critics have run with this story, blasting the President for approving foreign energy production in a country that is run by a despicable leader.

A statement was released on the decision that said “Following this announcement and consistent with U.S. government policy, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued Venezuela General License (GL) 41, authorizing Chevron Corporation to resume limited natural resource extraction operations in Venezuela.”

Under President Trump, the United States saw record low gasoline prices and helped make the country less dependent on foreign nations for energy.

While the Trump-era energy policy still required the United States to import gas and oil, it reduced the number of barrels bought by millions from the Obama administration.

Along with that, Trump’s energy policy restricted American companies from doing business in Venezuela. A restriction that was created to oust Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro whose policies have devastated the country. 

The country of Venezuela is struggling under its leadership and the Daily Wire reported that “On November 26th, the Unitary Platform and the Maduro regime announced the resumption of talks in Mexico City; a humanitarian agreement focused on education, health, food security, flood response, and electricity programs that will benefit the Venezuelan people; and agreement on the continuation of talks focused on the 2024 elections.”

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Former White House Economic Adviser Stephen Moore responded to the Biden administration’s decision criticizing the conflict it presents with foreign and domestic energy production.

“I literally almost fell out of my chair reading this headline that says we’re going to allow, you know, Chevron to do drilling in Venezuela. This is the same administration that won’t allow us to do drilling here in the United States, not in Texas, not in Oklahoma, not in Alaska, not in West Virginia.”

“But we can pump oil from Venezuela. It makes absolutely no sense. It’s put America last energy policy,” he continued.

“And by the way, when Trump left office, and I helped Trump on energy policy, our whole policy was to make America totally energy independent so we wouldn’t have to rely on countries like Venezuela and Iran and Russia. And so somebody explain this one to me because it makes no sense,” Moore concluded.

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