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Home » YIKES! Biden’s Electric America EXPOSED as YouTuber Trashes Ford Electric Truck; ‘Complete and Total Disaster’

YIKES! Biden’s Electric America EXPOSED as YouTuber Trashes Ford Electric Truck; ‘Complete and Total Disaster’

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The popular YouTube channel “Hoovies Garage,” which has 1.42 million subscribers, uploaded a video testing the new Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck gone horribly wrong.

The YouTubers described it as “a complete and total disaster.”

“Are you kidding me? That’s almost 90 miles of range in 30 miles,” Tyler “Hoovie” Hoover explained in the video. “Are you serious? That’s nuts. What a joke.”

“This is my new 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck and it is towing my new 1930 Model A pickup truck,” he acknowledged in the video’s intro. “Now I towed with the Model A today quite a distance and it was a complete and total disaster from beginning to end, starting with having to film this video out of order, because it was raining so hard.”

According to Breitbart, the F-150 Lightning range battery holds 230 miles with a max tow capacity of 7,700 pounds, regardless of how the company’s car advertisement doesn’t add up with the actual numbers.

“My plan was to make two trips up today,” Hoover laid out. “About 32 miles each way, so that’s about 64 times two: 128 miles round trip.”

“I had this thing charged to just over 200 miles when I started my day,” Hoover added. “So ample margin for error when it comes to range and towing and also considering the fact that the trailer was going up empty two times.”

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From the beginning of the road trip, the vehicle showed signs of loss of significant miles that were not adding up.

Pulling out of the neighborhood, which was a quarter mile, the F-150 Lightning took off three miles of the remaining range.

The 32-mile road trip ended up losing 68 miles of range.

Starting the trip with 200 miles worth of energy, the truck only held 50 miles of range left, even though it was only a 64-mile trip.

“So, yeah, that was abysmally bad, and if the future is electric, there has to be some kind of solution for this,” Hoover said. “I have no idea why EVs tow so bad.”

“My guess would be it doesn’t have a normal transmission where there are gears and a car’s in a lower rev range,” he added. “If a truck towing 3,500 pounds can’t even go 100 miles — that is ridiculously stupid.”

“This truck can’t do normal truck things.” Hoover insisted. “You would be stopping every hour to recharge, which would take about 45 minutes a pop, and that is absolutely not practical.”

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