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Home » YIKES! CEO of McDonald’s Issues DIRE Message to Lori Lightfoot as Chicago Crime Continues to Hurt Businesses

YIKES! CEO of McDonald’s Issues DIRE Message to Lori Lightfoot as Chicago Crime Continues to Hurt Businesses

The city of Chicago has long been a cesspool of crime, but under Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s leadership the metropolis has seen crime rates rise in many areas. 

The city is pushing big business out as leaders don’t feel safe subjecting employees to the dangers on the streets of Chicago. 

Most recently Lightfoot suffered a blow at the hands of McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski who gave the Chicago Mayor a needed reality check.

The Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s is second guessing the company’s decision to move their headquarters from a Chicago suburb to the heart of the city as executives are hesitant to move to the most crime ridden and dangerous part of the city. 

Kempczinski said this about the situation:

“Everywhere I go, I’m confronted by the same question. ‘What’s going on in Chicago?’ There is a general sense out there that our city is in crisis. The truth is, it’s more difficult today for me to convince a McDonald’s executive to relocate to Chicago from one of our other offices than it was just a few years ago.”

“It’s more difficult for me to recruit a new employee to McDonald’s to join us in Chicago than it was in the past.”

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“We see every single day in our restaurants what’s happening at society at large.”

“It’s not going to be something that McDonald’s can solve on its own.”

“We need to be able to do it with the public sector as well.”

“That’s one of the things about McDonald’s.”

It’s not only McDonalds that is facing the harsh truths of Chicago.

CWB Chicago reported:

“Boeing and Caterpillar announced this year that their company HQs are leaving town. And Citadel Securities chief Ken Griffin hauled his company headquarters to Florida after repeatedly complaining about Chicago’s crime problems.”

“But Kempczinski said his company’s headquarters would be staying in the West Loop, where it moved from Oak Brook four years ago. The city needs to fix some problems, though.”

The city of Chicago is one of the country’s biggest centers for crime. Lori Lightfoot has her work cut out to turn around the community and in turn bring back big business.

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