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Home » YIKES! Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar HECKLED Off Stage at Her Own Event; ‘Get the F*ck Out of Here!’

YIKES! Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar HECKLED Off Stage at Her Own Event; ‘Get the F*ck Out of Here!’

Image Credit - Fox News

Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is part of the infamous far-left radical Democratic group, SQUAD was booed during her appearance at her own community event.

A viral video shows Omar arriving at a Somali concert featuring famous Somali singer Soldaan Seraar at the Target Center in Minneapolis but apparently, the Somali community which she considers to be her core constituents were not happy seeing her on stage.

The overwhelming majority of the crowd started booing with some making the thumbs-down gesture to protest Omar’s appearance on stage. The booing allegedly went on for a full minute and was so loud that no one on stage could speak.

Some accounts also allege that people in the crowd were chanting “Get out!” & shouted, “Get the f*ck out of here!” towards Omar and her husband Tim Mynett.

Omar later posted a short 14-second-long video of herself getting on stage at this event and cut out the part where the massive crowd booed her for minutes.

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At the time of publishing this article, it is unclear what triggered this strong response from this large crowd. Some publications such as Newsweek are reporting that the Somali community in Minnesota is upset by Omar’s far-left radical policies like support for abortion and LGBTQ rights.

Following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade on June 24th, Omar appeared to protest outside the SCOTUS building in D.C. along with her fellow SQUAD members like AOC.

“In almost half of this country, states are ready to ban abortion,” Omar said in a protest at Union Station. “Outright ban abortion. That means if you are sick, if you are raped, there is incest, you are forced to have that baby or die,” she added to her speech.

In many countries in Africa and middle-east, including Somalia, abortion and LGBTQ movement is strictly illegal. Omar, who claims to represent the “under-privileged” Somalian population in Minnesota has allegedly turned her own constituents against her by pandering to the woke mob. The results of this decision remain to be seen in the upcoming mid-term elections in November.

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