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Home » YIKES! Democrat Senate Candidate Compared Black Conservatives to Slaves; ‘I Don’t Even Accept Him as Black’

YIKES! Democrat Senate Candidate Compared Black Conservatives to Slaves; ‘I Don’t Even Accept Him as Black’

Image Credit - Morry Gash / AP File

Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s Democrat challenger, incumbent Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, has a record of comparing black conservatives to slaves, and also denouncing a black sheriff refusing to believe that he is the same race as him because of differences in their political ideologies.

In a 2017 tweet, Barnes compared Black, Christian musician Tina Campbell to a slave, after she announced that she will be voting for President Trump.

“Guess the shackles are still on her feet after all,” Barnes wrote on Twitter responding to a news article headlined, “Tina Campbell of Mary Mary supports Trump due to his Christian beliefs.”

Another similar comparison made by Barnes stems back from 2016 when the Democrat Senate contender criticized a conservative black Democrat sheriff of Milwaukee county, David Clarke. In a now-deleted article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Barnes refused to acknowledge that the sheriff was even the same race as him.

Barnes later went on to brag about his comments by tweeting out screenshots of the deleted article with the caption “Receipts!”

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The Daily Caller spoke with Wisconsin’s Republican State Senator, Julian Bradley, who is the first black Republican to serve in the state Senate. When asked about Barnes’ tweets, State Sen. Bradley described the comments as “disgusting.”

“They’re just — they’re disgusting. It’s something that black conservatives, we experience this regularly, and it’s troubling in Wisconsin, especially because you think about why the Republican Party was started and where. It was started right here in Wisconsin. It was founded for the purpose of abolishing slavery. It was founded for the purpose of remembering all men are created equally. Black men, white men, everybody. All people are equal and should be treated equal and seen and viewed as equal in the law,” Bradley told the Daily Caller.

“Here is a black legislator who somehow thinks he has the right to strip black conservatives of their race. And that’s — it’s disgusting. It’s — it’s absolutely disgusting,” Bradley added.

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H/T: The Daily Caller News Foundation