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Home » YIKES! Don Lemon DEMOTED From Primetime Show as CNN Continues to Purge Liberal Personnel in Major Regime Change

YIKES! Don Lemon DEMOTED From Primetime Show as CNN Continues to Purge Liberal Personnel in Major Regime Change

Image Credit - CNN

On Thursday night, CNN announced prime-time host Don Lemon will be shifted from primetime hours to mornings later this year.

Lemon addressed the news of his next role at the network saying he “was not demoted” with the shift to an anchoring gig alongside Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins on CNN’s new morning show this fall.

Now led by CNN Worldwide Chairman Chris Licht, the network is trying to inject more balance into its programming and become less radioactive to Republicans. The method in which he intends to do this has become clear, moving the staple ultra-liberal CNN hosts from the focus of the news station.

It was announced that Brian Stelter would be departing the network over a month ago, as Stelter’s show received the lowest-rated viewership since September 2019. The news of his statistical lapse was a perfect opportunity for a shift in the company to officially start.

Another CNN contributor, Jeffrey Toobin also announced his departure from CNN after nearly 20 years. In 2020, Toobin was infamously seen pleasuring himself during a work Zoom call as female coworkers looked on. Toobin was finally let go during this purge a full two years after the incident.

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White House correspondent John Harwood was released and according to two people with knowledge of the situation, Harwood still had time remaining on his CNN contract, which suggests that network brass decided to end his tenure prematurely.

Rumors have also been swirling for months that controversial correspondent Jim Acosta is also up for removal or shift. The Wrap previously reported that both Don Lemon and Jim Acosta are safe, but recent news suggests more shifts will be coming rather than more removals.

CNN’s new management is known to be attempting to shed the network’s liberal reputation that it earned during the Trump era.

“This is true of all three (cable news) networks: When you can get only members of one party to show up, it shows that your news division is lacking in credibility with essentially half the country,” said Curbelo, an NBC News contributor.

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