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Home » YIKES! Don Lemon Makes ABSURD Comment Saying Conservative Host SE Cupp has ‘Mommy Brain’ While Discussing the Future of the GOP

YIKES! Don Lemon Makes ABSURD Comment Saying Conservative Host SE Cupp has ‘Mommy Brain’ While Discussing the Future of the GOP

CNN’s Don Lemon has been at the center of discussions on who will be the next to leave the network following the departure of Brian Stelter and John Harwood but his most recent occurrence in the spotlight is due to a questionable comment he made to conservative CNN personality SE Cupp.

During a CNN panel where the two were talking about the future of the GOP Lemon made a comment that left everyone watching confused.

While the two were talking about Republicans’ possibilities of taking back majority power in Congress after midterm elections SE Cupp lost her train of thought which led to Lemon questioning if Cupp has “mommy brain.”

This was the conversation leading up the questionable comment.

Cupp: It also just doesn’t — the numbers don’t add up. Like —

Lemon: What do you mean?

Cupp: Well, I mean, where Republicans are offering ideas, and they are not doing much of that anymore, the ideas are not popular among Republicans. Thirteen percent of Republicans want a total ban on abortion. Seventy percent of Republicans — sorry — support —

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Lemon: What portions, but with restrictions, right? But want restrictive abortions.

Cupp: No, I was going on a different issue. But you can go down — I mean, a majority of —

Lemon: You lose your train of thought, I do it all the time.

Cupp: I’d say —

Lemon: I hate it when that happens.

Cupp: A majority of Republicans oppose book bans.

Lemon: Right.

Cupp: A majority of Republicans think that talking about race and learning about racism in school is a good thing. Majorities of Republicans are not where today’s MAGA Republicans are going.

Lemon: Right.

Cupp: And all the things that they keep talking about, which begs the question, what the hell are they thinking?

Lemon: Is it fair to say — because I’m not a mommy, but is it mommy brain? Is it, you have —

Cupp: No, Don. I just —

Lemon: I forget — I forget what I’m talking about all the time.

Cupp: No, I just forgot what I was going to say.

As conversations grow of who is next up on the chopping block at CNN, comments like these don’t help the favor of Don Lemon in the slightest. 

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