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Home » YIKES! Georgia Democrats Just Backstabbed Stacey Abrams After She Lost Her Governor Race

YIKES! Georgia Democrats Just Backstabbed Stacey Abrams After She Lost Her Governor Race

Image Credit - Melina Mara/The Washington Post/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Democrat Stacey Abrams failed for the second time in her attempt to turn Georgia Blue and take the position of Governor of the state. Now she is receiving backlash from her party for her missteps.

Democratic Georgia state Rep. Derrick Jackson told the New York Times, “Stacey must own some of this. If you’re running a statewide race, if you venture off and you nationalize it, then that’s problematic.”

Abrams and her supporters have been blaming the black male vote for her falter, she claims they are misinformed “Unfortunately, this year, black men have been a very targeted population for misinformation. Not misinformation about what they want but about why they want what they deserve,” she said in an interview.

The NYT explained her own coworkers’ criticisms of the candidate, “Her campaign events were long on relatable anecdotes and policy explanations and short on up-close, personal moments. In her concession speech on Tuesday, she even acknowledged her introverted style.” 

Exit poll numbers indicate this is not the case because even if Abrams received 100% of the black male vote she still would have lost.

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That didn’t stop others from joining and responding “I think that Stacey is spot on with that,” said Keisha Lance Bottoms. “I listen as my kids watch NBA highlights and whatever else they watch on YouTube. I hear the misinformation being piped in.”

Kemp is receiving a lot of support from conservatives across the country for the support she garnered in every other racial category. 76% of white men, 72% of white women, 44% of Latino men, 43% of Latino women, and 47% of everyone else all voted for the Republican.

“This election proves that when Republicans stay focused on real-world solutions that put hard-working people first, we can win now, but also in the future, y’all,” Kemp declared at his victory rally.

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