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Home » YIKES! GOP Gov. Kristi Noem TEARS INTO Joe Biden; ‘They are Destroying our Border Because They Want to Remake This Country’

YIKES! GOP Gov. Kristi Noem TEARS INTO Joe Biden; ‘They are Destroying our Border Because They Want to Remake This Country’

During a holiday season that saw one of the worst weather storms America has endured in decades, President Joe Biden and his wife skipped the country for better weather, jetting off to the US Virgin Islands following Christmas.

Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, tore into the President on “Fox and Friends,” for different reasons though, specifically the disaster at the southern border that many are blaming on Biden’s laissez faire policies.

“It’s not a governor’s job. It’s the federal government’s job to secure our border. Greg Abbott is doing what he needs to do down there, spending billions of dollars a year to secure the border because of the failure of the Biden Administration,” Noem began.

“So, you talk about them building a tent down there on the border. I think that that is just showing the agenda that the federal government has. This isn’t unexpected. This isn’t something that they didn’t foresee happening,” she continued.

“This is on purpose that they are destroying our border because they want to remake this country into something that is not built on the trust that our Founders gave people themselves,” Noem said.

“Listen, personal responsibility was something that our Founders wanted to give to the people of this country,” the GOP Governor continued. “They wanted them to be able to defend themselves, to make choices for their families, to be able to have liberty and freedom.”

“They didn’t envision what Joe Biden wants for this country,” she said. “The Biden administration is doing this on purpose.”

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“I think it’s time that the American people, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or not even political that you, recognize that what this president is doing is trying to remake America,” Noem concluded.

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