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YIKES! James Woods Exposes The Electric Vehicle Industries Safety Issues

The Emmy award-winning actor James Woods is calling out the dangers of Electric vehicles in our society. The country is moving towards more EVs and woods enlightens a scary issue with the current charging method and platform.

In a recent tweet Woods stated:

The unspoken nightmare of owning an electric vehicle is the safety issue. A woman alone forced to sit for an hour charging her EV on a dark highway is not a comforting scenario, except for the roving gangs of hoodie thugs roaming our streets and highways.

The government recently approved a plan in which $900 million can begin to form the network of chargers across the nation, the states will now get a flow of funding for these projects and are individually tasked with using money from Biden’s huge infrastructure bill throughout their region.

Biden has stated the goal is ultimately installing 500,000 chargers across America and building a network of fast-charging stations across 53,000 miles of freeways from coast to coast.

The Biden administration and many parts of the country are attempting to start a complete shift to an electric vehicle world, supporting their “environmental safety” as their main talking point. This mission has been met with many setbacks and James Woods’ story is another problem added to the stockpile issues the EV world is showing. 

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Recently a man in Florida was killed as his Tesla caught fire along I-75. ABC- 7 reported “The car veered onto the shoulder and into a ditch before hitting a tree. The car caught fire; the driver was unable to get out and died at the scene. The man has not yet been identified.”

This comes as electric vehicle fires are wreaking havoc in the sunshine state. Electric vehicles are particularly hard to put out so Florida fire departments have been scrambling to handle these issues.

A different headline issue came earlier this year, as California residents were asked not to charge their electric vehicles to conserve energy and to prevent strain on the state’s power grid over the Labor Day weekend, officials said this amid a brutal heatwave just days after the state announced a plan to ban sales of new gas-powered cars.

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