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YIKES! MAJOR Lawsuit Filed Against Biden Admin. for Attempts to ‘Censor Americans Before an Election’

Hunter Biden. The President’s son and the center of the ongoing scandal regarding his “laptop from hell.”

Investigations into Hunter have been ongoing and while some of the information released is mind-blowing the story is receiving very little attention from the media as a whole.

It is alleged that President Biden had a part in some of his son’s business dealings per results of the investigation, but now the Biden administration is being brought into the fold as the American Center for Law and Justice(ACLJ) is filing a lawsuit against the FBI under the command of the current President. 

The reasoning for the lawsuit is the FBI’s refusal to comply with the Freedom of Information Act stating. The ACLJ believes the Biden administration is trying to “stonewall” their investigation into the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop because of the ”potential politically-motivated pressure it was putting on social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to censor Americans before an election.”

Long-time prosecutor and senior counsel for the organization, Andy Ekonomou, spoke on the actions of the FBI and speculated their motivation.

“What it indicates to me really is that they don’t want to disclose what is in their files. They want to stonewall us. They want to say that there is this exemption that applies or that exemption that applies.

“I’ve read out letter and it is perfectly appropriate what we’re asking for. But this is something in which they’re circling the wagons to make sure whatever they’ve got does not get out. 

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“And what that tells me is that there were improprieties taking place. That the FBI was involved in censorship, or attempts at censorship – put yourself on high alert, they were telling Facebook – in elections they should not have been involved in. 

“They were doing the things that were not only odious, but illegal, and we have caught them at it and we are going to pursue them in federal district court very soon on this by filing a lawsuit and by saying to them very simply you can’t just close your file and get out of producing the information that the law requires to be produced.”

The Biden administration has come under fire before, but this is a serious accusation by the ACLJ and it will be interesting to see what their lawsuit leads to.

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