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YIKES! Mark Levin GOES OFF on GOP Leaders for Midterm Election Outcomes; ‘Forget About the Red Wave’

Conservative commentator Mark Levin has never been one to hold his tongue, even when it comes to criticizing the party that he supports.

This year’s midterms have not been what the GOP expected as we did not see a “red wave” sweep the country. Rather these elections showed Democrats executing an incredible defense of their power in the Senate and some governorships.

On his show, “Life, Liberty & Levin,” the conservative commentator criticized the widely spread belief that the GOP would have a “red wave” this midterm cycle and gave his thoughts on the election that matters most.

“I noticed that many of the same people who were wrong about a red wave are now telling us what to think about a non-red wave. The experts, the consultants, the ruling class, the media, and the politicians. We need to think for ourselves, enough of the static. I said before the election, and I said repeatedly here and on the radio: Forget about the red wave. Forget about a red tsunami. Forget about Armageddon and vote.

“That was a tall hill to climb. And this is one of the reasons I wasn’t on this red-wave bandwagon so fast. I needed to think about it. 2024. This is the key. The next election cycle, 33 seats are up. Now, listen to this. Two-thirds of them are Democrat seats. So the Democrats have to defend 23 Senate seats. The Republicans have to defend only ten.

“So, the math in 2022 never really led to a red wave possibility and the math in 2024, it does lead to a red wave possibility. Does that mean there will be one? Of course not. But I’m just explaining the math, the simple math. We had about 60% of the seats up. They have almost 70% of the seats up in the next round. So what does that mean? Democrats needed to have some serious gains in the Senate last week to stave off a disaster in 2024. They failed miserably.

“While the GOP fell short in the House, it’s very likely the Republicans will, in fact, take the House, [though] by a much smaller number.

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“They’ll appoint the speaker. They’ll control the committees. Look, in the lead-up to the election, pollsters, consultants, Republican operatives, and D.C. commentators were talking about a red wave as if it had already occurred. What they based it on was flawed and inaccurate.”

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