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YIKES! Michael Flynn Files SERIOUS Lawsuit Against the FBI and DOJ Over Russia Collusion Hoax Investigation

Former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has filed a major $50 million claim against the Department of Justice’s “malicious prosecution” over the Russian collusion hoax investigation.

Just the News obtained Flynn’s Form 95 Civil Claim that names the FBI, DOJ, U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington D.C., Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, and the Executive Office of the President.

“Of all of President Trump’s appointees, the Obama White House hated Flynn the most,” the filing states.

“FBI began to express disdain for candidate Donald J. Trump and began to consider ways in which it could hamper Donald Trump as candidate or as President, were he to win the 2016 election,” the filing adds.

“As part of these efforts, the FBI began to target Flynn. Flynn was no stranger to the FBI and its leadership, many of whom considered Flynn to be a personal enemy of the FBI and the success of their own FBI careers,” the filing continues.

“Compensatory damages including but not limited to lost past and future earnings/revenue, emotional distress, lost opportunity to be President’s National Security Advisor, significant restraints of personal liberty, attorney fees/expenses and court costs in defending against malicious prosecution, abuse of process, false arrest,” the filing states.

In November 2020, forty-fifth President Donald Trump pardoned Flynn. “Trump announced the news Wednesday on Twitter as Americans prepared to observe the Thanksgiving holiday this week,” NPR reported.

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“The pardon brought an end to a long-running legal odyssey for Flynn, who was the only member of the Trump administration to be charged as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation,” NPR added.

The former White House National Security Advisor also filed a restraining order from Nancy Pelosi’s House Select Committee with a select group of representatives investigating the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Flynn argues that the information and testimony were presented without the subpoena’s legal authority.

The document stated that Michael Flynn had no part in speaking at, organizing, or participating in the rallies, protests, or incursions in the nation’s capital.

Every member of the Select Committee, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was named in the complaint.

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