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Home » YIKES! Multiple Epstein Victims Sue JP Morgan and Chase Banks for ‘Facilitating” Illegal Sex-Trafficking Operations

YIKES! Multiple Epstein Victims Sue JP Morgan and Chase Banks for ‘Facilitating” Illegal Sex-Trafficking Operations

Victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s disgraced sex trafficking scam filed lawsuits against Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase on Thursday accusing the institutes of facilitating the late pedophile’s illegal sex-trafficking operation.

These lawsuits allege that the banks ignored multiple red flags associated with Epstein and prioritized potential profit by working with the convicted pedophile.

According to The Daily Mail, the unnamed victims listed in the lawsuits against Deutsche Bank alleged that she was trafficked by Epstein between 2003 and 2018 and was paid in cash to perform sexual acts, and the money potentially was provided by the bank.

“Deutsche Bank also engaged in repeated acts of racketeering activity to support the Epstein organization,” the lawsuit alleges. “Knowing that they would earn millions of dollars from facilitating Epstein’s sex trafficking, and from its relationship with Epstein, Deutsche Bank chose profit over following the law.”

The bank was further accused of “turning a blind eye” to the fact that Epstein “would use means of force, threats of force, fraud, abuse of legal process, exploitation of power disparity, and a variety of other forms of coercion” in order to get underaged girls to engage in disgraceful sexual acts.

The Daily Mail reports Deutsche Bank was fined $150 million for failing to responsibly monitor Epstein’s account, as he became a registered sex offender. The bank was also charged for failing to intervene when the registered sex offender paid off girls’ tuition fees and made multiple “suspicious” payments to Russian models.

A separate lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase lists an unnamed woman who claims to be the former ballet dancer who was allegedly trafficked by Epstein between 2006 and 2013. She claims that she was paid in cash, which was potentially drawn from a bank account at the bank.

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“JP Morgan knowingly and intentionally benefited and received things of value for assisting, supporting, facilitating, and otherwise providing the most critical service for the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking organization,” the lawsuit alleges, adding that the bank “chose profits over following the law.”

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