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Home » YIKES! Philadelphia Eagles Fans Welcome First Lady Jill Biden With Boos and ‘F–k Joe Biden’ Chants

YIKES! Philadelphia Eagles Fans Welcome First Lady Jill Biden With Boos and ‘F–k Joe Biden’ Chants

Image Credit - Fox News

On Sunday First Lady Jill Biden attended the end of the Philadelphia Eagles pregame at the Lincoln Financial Field and was reportedly booed by Eagles fans.

Biden, who grew up just outside Philadelphia, has always been a vocal supporter of the city’s pro teams but ironically was booed the moment she arrived at the stadium to take part in the coin toss before the Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys match on Sunday.

Biden was serving as the Eagles’ honorary captain for the Sunday game and at the same time was promoting the Biden administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative.

As she arrived at the stadium, following the tradition, was greeted by the Philly Phaithful. She took the field along with cancer patients, survivors, and families.

She also led Eagles fans in a rendition of the Eagles’ fight song. The booing wasn’t heard until a later time. This is not the first time that Biden has been upset by Philly fans. Just back in 2021, Joe Biden who claims to be an Eagles fan, said that “Philadelphia fans are the most informed and most obnoxious fans in the world.”

“FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden gets booed. Being an ‘Eagles fan’ didn’t save her,” sports commentator John McMullen tweeted.

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Sports bettor PhillyGodfather said the boos came from the “stadium full of Eagles fans.”

Former NFL tight end Clay Harbor reported that Jill Biden got it “BAD.”

However, a video of the alleged booing did not appear on social media or the broadcast following the game.

A Twitter user claims that the radio broadcast did not air the song and booing.

“Wow the radio [for] the Eagles game cut the booing of Jill Biden.”

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