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YIKES! Records Reveal the Biden Family Abused Their Political Power to Get Hunter Biden into Yale Law School

Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that throughout his entire adult life he has received and abused the perks of being the son of a powerful politician and now the current President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Following his graduation from Georgetown University, Hunter Biden sought to attend the prestigious law school at Yale University. The Dean at the time was Guido Calabresi, who according to a 2019 Chronicle of Higher Education story received a phone call from then President Bill Clinton urging Calabresi to admit Hunter Biden to Yale’s law school. 

While Calabresi assured that he wasn’t part of the admission process, he personally met with Hunter and recommended that he’d attend a different law school and apply to Yale as a transfer student. That exact plan happened and Hunter Biden was accepted to Yale’s law school.

The following year Joe Biden nominated Calabresi for a federal judgeship to which Biden was in charge of guiding Calabresi’s candidacy.

When asked about his role in Hunter Biden’s acceptance to Yale’ law school Calabresi stated, “I had nothing to do with that acceptance and don’t recall hearing about it at the time.”

Fresh out of law school Hunter Biden started a position at MBNA, a large Delaware-based bank, that was Joe Biden’s top political supporter. The $100,000 a year job led to Hunter being promoted to executive vice president within a year. 

In 2006 Joe Biden was considering running for President and needed his son to find a low-profile private sector job so as to not conflict with his father’s possible Presidential campaign.

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Legal records obtained by Politico showed that in 2010 Hunter’s uncle James Biden landed him a “of counsel” position at the law firm Boies, Schiller and Flexner. The position came with $216,000 and was ultimately a “no show” job not requiring Hunter to attend meetings or maintain normal work hours. 

As more and more information is released about Hunter Biden’s privileged career, Senator Ted Cruz believes “there has to be a Special Counsel who doesn’t answer to Joe Biden to fully examine the charges of Biden family wrongdoing.”

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