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YIKES! Registered Democrat Arrested After Tampering With Voting Machine; Facing Felony and Multiple Years in Prison

Image Credit - Pueblo County Sheriff's Office via AP

Over the past few years there has been many discussions over election integrity and how faulty systems and corrupt individuals have allegedly affected elections and could in the future.

While there haven’t been many instances during these midterms, a registered Democrat was just arrested in Colorado by Pueblo Police for allegedly attempting to tamper with voting machines. 

ABC News reported, “Richard Patton, 31, of Pueblo was arrested on Thursday by members of the Pueblo Police Department High-Tech Crime Unit for investigation of tampering with voting equipment, a felony, and cybercrime-unauthorized access, a misdemeanor, the department said in a statement.

“Court records indicate Patton was being held without bond at the Pueblo County Judicial Center pending an advisement hearing later Friday in which he will hear the pending charges against him. Patton was being represented by an attorney from the public defender’s office, which does not comment on pending cases,” the report continued.

In order to ensure fair elections, Colorado employs anti-tampering measures so that it is evident if someone attempted to access voting equipment. If someone tries to tamper with a voting machine trigger alerts make the machine unusable. This is what happened in Pueblo according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office and Pueblo County’s clerk and recorder, Gilbert Ortiz.

Another instance of voter interference occurred “Last week, in preparation for midterms, a Democrat poll worker was reportedly “ejected” from an Indiana election office for pressuring poll voters and tampering with the voting machines to entice Democrat votes.”

Fox News reported that, “The first incident took place early Thursday evening as a group of education activists stood outside the Carmel polling place and advocated for pro-parent school board candidates. Sheller says the worker spoke with a pair of black voters who entered the polling station and urged them not to vote for the pro-parent candidates, arguing that the activists outside were ‘racist.’”

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The report described a second occurrence where “this one involving potential election interference. Sheller said the poll worker was assisting a voter with an electronic ballot and pressed the ‘straight Democrat ticket’ option during the explanation.”

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