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YIKES! RINO Lisa Murkowski Announces She is Going Against Her Own Party and Voting Democrat in Upcoming Election

Image Credit - Francis Chung/E&E News

On Friday, Alaskan Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski announced she will be voting Democrat in this November House election, supporting incumbent U.S. Rep. Mary Peltola in her race against the former state governor, Republican Sarah Palin.

Murkowski was speaking about house member Don Young, who passed away on a flight back home after almost 50 years as a congressman. Peltola won his seat during a special election in August.

“I can’t help but think of our new partner here in the Congress. I miss Don Young every single day, I think we all do,” Murkowski said. “It’s gonna be impossible to replace him, but I will tell you I’m so happy to welcome Mary Peltola as our representative for all of Alaska.”

After her speech, a reporter with the Anchorage Daily News directly asked the Senator if she plans on picking Peltola first under the state’s new ranked-choice voting system.

“Yeah, I am,” Murkowski said.

When pressed for her reasoning she said  “Because, in Alaska, I think it’s still different. Mary is a friend … We have been friends for 25 years, and the fact that we’re Republican and Democrat has never interfered with that friendship.”

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“I know that bothers some people who want me to be that rigid, partisan person, and I’m just not. I’m not, haven’t been, and I won’t be,” Murkowski said. “I do not toe the party line just because party leaders have asked or because it may be expected. My first obligation is to the people of the state of Alaska.”

Murkowski will also be on this November ballot as she runs for re-election in her Senate seat. Although many call her a “RINO” or “Republican in name only” for her voting stances, she still holds major support from Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

A McConnell-linked Super-Pac, the Senate Leadership Fund, financially supports Murkowski just as much as he does having said, “It’s important for Lisa to be reelected. She’s one of the few sort of moderates in the middle of the Senate.” 

This comes as her Senate bid battle against Trump-backed candidate Kelly Tshibaka.

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