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Home » YIKES! Soros-Backed Prosecutor Removed From Post After Advising Release of a Child Rapist Who Went on to Assault More Girls

YIKES! Soros-Backed Prosecutor Removed From Post After Advising Release of a Child Rapist Who Went on to Assault More Girls

On September 2nd, Judge James E. Plowman issued the order to remove Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj from prosecuting. This is the final grant of the motion after it was first filed almost a full year ago.

Biberaj made headlines last year as the attorney who received contributions from George Soros’ Super PAC in 2019 and criticized for how she runs the office. One former prosecutor told Fox 5 that employees under he leadership were “pushed to bond people out in domestic violence cases.”

Judge Plowman said that “the Commonwealth is deliberately misleading the Court, and the public,” writing ultimately, “Biberaj … is hereby REMOVED AND DISQUALIFIED from further prosecution as counsel of record in this matter.”

The state’s Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares called this an “unprecedented development,” and sent a letter to the chief judge for the 20th Judicial Circuit saying the court “has rightfully lost confidence” in Biberaj and her office. His office is now ready to assist and even prosecute the case.

The defendant Scott Smith is the father of a student who was sexually assaulted at her high school. He was subsequently arrested at a Loudoun County School Board meeting and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without force after tussling with deputies. 

Elizabeth Lancaster, Smith’s lawyer, told the Daily Wire it’s unusual for Biberaj to go to these lengths saying “It is incredibly unusual for a disorderly conduct case to even go forward. The idea that they would actually be seeking jail time, I’d guess in my 15 years the number of times I’ve seen that happen would be zero.”

He was there to speak out against the school board for what he believed was a failure to protect his daughter and engaging in a cover-up of the incident. His outburst was a result of the board calling the gender neutral bathroom in which the assault took place “safe.”

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Her office gave the recommendation that the rapist, charged with forcible sodomy, be released with an ankle monitor and enrolled in a different school. Upon his release, the suspect is said to have sexually assaulted another child in a classroom.

“I want to make sure we are working with our school system and law enforcement to make sure we are decreasing the number of kids who are referred to our court system,” Biberaj had told the Washington Post in 2019.

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