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YIKES! Supreme Court of Ohio Suspends Democrat Judge Who Falsified Documents, Lied and Wore Inappropriate Clothing in the Courtroom

Image Credit - The Daily Mail

After displaying serious misconduct in the courtroom, a Cleveland Municipal Court Democrat Judge was removed from her post.

The Supreme Court of Ohio removed Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr for misconduct such as wearing inappropriate clothes in court in tank tops and “spandex shorts,” lies, disrespectful treatment and falsifying court documents.

Carr was removed from the courtroom along with having her license temporarily revoked after it was deemed she committed “unprecedented” behavior by Ohio SCOTUS Justices.

Following this, the justices voted 5-2 to suspend Carr’s license indefinitely.

The Ohio Supreme Court’s statement on the suspension said, “Carr’s unprecedented misconduct involved more than 100 stipulated incidents that occurred over a period of approximately two years and encompassed repeated acts of dishonesty; the blatant and systematic disregard of due process, the law, court orders, and local rules; the disrespectful treatment of court staff and litigants; and the abuse of capias warrants and the court’s contempt power. That misconduct warrants an indefinite suspension from the practice of law.” reported on the details of Carr’s unprecedented behavior.

“Carr’s misdeeds spanned two years and led to multiple people being wrongly arrested and deprived of their liberty, the majority of the justices wrote. The investigation into Carr began at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, when she held in-person hearings on March 16 and 17, despite an order from the court’s Administrative Judge Michelle Earley declaring that all such hearings would be postponed.

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“Carr, who mocked an attorney who admitted to being nervous about being in the courtroom, issued arrest warrants for more than a dozen people who didn’t show up.

“The examination found that Carr was jailing people in an effort to compel them to pay fines to make more money for the court. It also revealed that Carr once ordered a woman to spend 15 days in jail because the woman rolled her eyes and made disparaging remarks about Carr’s courtroom during a hearing. Carr berated the woman, held a contempt hearing, which she failed to recuse herself from, and mischaracterized her actions as a basis to send her to jail, the court found.

“She negotiated plea deals with defendants on behalf of city prosecutors who were not present and then falsified journal entries that said prosecutors were involved — an act that the court’s majority said in its opinion could amount to the crime of falsification.”

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