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Home » YIKES! Under Lori Lightfoot’s Leadership Chicago Shootings Continue to Rise; 294 Juveniles Shot This Year

YIKES! Under Lori Lightfoot’s Leadership Chicago Shootings Continue to Rise; 294 Juveniles Shot This Year

Image Credit - USA Today

This past weekend, Chicago police have reported at least 51 people shot, 10 of which were fatal, and of the 51 shot, 9 of those were juveniles.

According to ABC7’s records, at least 294 juveniles have been shot in Chicago this year, including 33 killed.

Saturday night, a 16-year-old student, Rishawn Hendricks, was shot dead. His classmates were at a loss for words.

“It does make a lot of people depressed and makes a lot of people sad because we do lose a lot of students over the years and it makes a lot of people not want to come to school anymore,” student Natiya Lyles said.

In the same incident a 13-year-old was shot twice in the neck, but is reportedly in good condition at a nearby hospital, police said.

According to Chicago’s crime database, not including this week’s surge in crime, Lightfoot’s tenure as city mayor has seen a 31% increase in murder crimes and a 98% increase in motor vehicle theft.

The city under Lightfoot is seeing a 37% increase in violent crime when compared to the same period in 2021. To date, more violent crime is being reported in Chicago in 2022 than every year since 2018, according to statistics from the Chicago Police Department.

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Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell took on Lightfoot a couple of weeks ago saying, “The mayor is taking a page out of Joe Biden’s playbook: If you don’t like the facts, just gaslight the people. And that just simply won’t work in this situation. We just came off a weekend of violence. 63 people shot, including two, 16-year-old boys and a three-year-old girl.”

“2021 was the deadliest year in Chicago in a quarter-century with 797 homicides, the most since 1996 and 25 more than were recorded in 2020,” Yahoo reported.

Crime experts believe this rise in 2020 was a result of the defund the police movement. 

Mayoral candidate Alderman Sophia King who is looking to overtake Lightfoot soon, has crime as her number one priority, citing many plans on how to attack the problem such as a police reserve or drone usage.

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