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‘You Loot, We Shoot’; Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Delivers SERIOUS Warning in Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

Image Credit - Chris O'Meara/AP Photo

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warns Floridians in the aftermath of devastating Hurricane Ian left, “Don’t even think about looting.”

Hurricane Ian was one of the most devastating Hurricanes in recent memory as it reached Category 4 status. Unfortunately, the death toll continues to rise, reporting a total number of at least 45 people dead at the time this article was written.

The highest winds reached 155 mph, which is considered 2 mph short of a Category 5 Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office disclosed the arrests of five individuals for looting.

“Sheriff Carmine Marcelo means business and has taken a zero tolerance stance on looting. We are patrolling and you will be arrested if you partake in criminal activity,” the office shared on Facebook.

DeSantis was giving a press conference in Matlacha near Fort Myers over the weekend and delivered this strong message.

“They boarded up all the businesses, and there are people that wrote on their plywood, ‘you loot, we shoot,'” DeSantis cautioned. “At the end of the day, we are not going to allow lawlessness to take advantage of this situation. We are a law-and-order state, and this is a law-and-order community, so do not think that you’re going to go take advantage of people who’ve suffered misfortune.”

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Later in the day, he delivered another press conference in St. Augustine, issuing the same message.

“The other thing we’re concerned about, particularly in those areas that were really hard hit, is we want to make sure we’re maintaining law and order,” DeSantis continued. “Don’t even think about looting. Don’t even think about taking advantage of people in this vulnerable situation.”

“I can tell you, in the state of Florida, you never know what may be lurking behind somebody’s home,” DeSantis stated. “I would not want to chance that if I were you, given that we’re a Second Amendment state.”

DeSantis gubernatorial campaign response director Christina Pushaw posted photos of Floridian’s new lawn signs that read, “Try to loot, I will eat your face,” and “Loot here, die here.”

“Florida will not tolerate looters taking advantage of Hurricane Ian to prey on vulnerable Floridians,” Florida Attorney General tweeted. “They will be arrested and I have asked state attorneys to seek the longest pretrial detention possible to keep the locked up so they cannot commit new crimes.”

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